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It's easy & quick to create your free profile. Show the world your talents, attract employers in need of dog groomers & get free training & resources.

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 Join the membership and kick your skills up a notch. Go beyond the basics with expert-led courses in advanced dog grooming, business strategy, online marketing & more.

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Own a salon, pet resort, vet clinic or national chain? Post unlimited job openings & search our database of professional, qualified groomers.

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Canine Approved Groomers Covers the 4 Vital Areas of Professional Dog Grooming

From working as a dog groomer to owning or managing a company, there is a constant need to learn, work with the best people and build your career/business. Much like medical professionals or computer programmers, you want to stay on top of the latest advances so you can be the best in your area.

Canine Approved Groomers serves up simple and affordable ways to:

  1. Recruit - Certainly, you can post your job openings for groomers to browse. But there are 2 important extras Canine Approved Groomers offers recruiters. First: unlimited job listings for one, flat-rate price. Second: the ability to perform unlimited searches of our dog groomer database and recruit directly via chat or email.
  2. Train - From free basic instruction to learning how to teach advanced dog grooming techniques, you'll be taught by respected industry leaders who can equip you to learn more & earn more.
  3. Work - Talented, qualified groomers are in high demand these days. Jobs are plentiful if you know where to look. From high-end pet resorts to national chains, veterinary clinics or dog grooming salons, you'll find a whole litter of options.
  4. Build your Business - Need a website? Want your existing site to bring you more business? Not sure how to develop a business plan or marketing strategy? Wonder how you can step up your customer service? Our membership offers continual training to help you promote, attract new clients and retain them for years to come.

Grooming Instructor Certification

If you have a love for teaching your craft to others, our "Train the Trainer" certificate program could provide you with a new, interesting career option and some additional revenue. Offered free of charge to paid members of Canine Approved Groomers, "Train the Trainer" certifies you to teach other groomers. Get details, program dates and register now.



Canine Approved LLC, is dedicated to providing continuing education and networking resources to members, in support of their continued career success, to the benefit of the pet families they love and serve.