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Groomers are not required to be certified. In fact in most states, any one can call themselves a groomer, with or without any training. California has recently enforced stricter regulations for Salon business owners, and it is expected other states will follow suit. Certification is a way to document your talents and skills. Having your training credentials in order, is the first step to preparing for opportunities in the grooming field beyond the grooming itself. 

Salon Management, Coaching and Teaching, Running your own business, employment in Pet Service corporate positions, are possible career avenues, available for certified groomers.

The Certification groups listed below, are recognized internationally, and have workshops and testing available for those of you interested.  Each group is unique in its own way. Contact information is listed.  Find the group that works best for you.   

International Professional Groomers, INC
6475 Wallace Rd NW, Salem, OR 97304
website: http://www.ipgicmg.com/
Phone: 503-551-2397
Fax: 503-581-1220
E-mail: Linda@ipgicmg.com
More Details
P.O. Box 101, Clark PA  16113
Website: http://www.nationaldoggroomers.com/
Phone 724-962-2711  
Fax    724-962-1919 
E-mail: ndga@nationaldoggroomers.com 



Canine Approved LLC, is dedicated to providing continuing education and networking resources to members, in support of their continued career success, to the benefit of the pet families they love and serve.